Assessment of newly invented formulations and their impact on the physiological characters of green gram (vigna radiata) under invitro condition

Nanthini PVM , Shakita S and Palaniswamy M

This study was done to determine the effect of formulations (Pseudomonas fluorescens and Trichoderma viride) and formulations with traditional fertilizers (cow dung and vermi-compost) on root and vegetative growth of green gram under invitro condition. The various treatments were (Formulation I, Formulation II, Co-formlation, whey, molasses and formulations with traditional fertilizers in various ratios; for pending patent, Patent App. No 201741023234) applied as three replicates in randomized complete design. Results showed that all physiological characters of treated plants were significantly increased. But the pots treated with co-formulation and co-formulation with vermi compost in 1:3 ratio gave the highest results in shoot and root length, number of leaves and branches and dry weight of root nodules of 30th day plant germination. This improved growth occurred is mainly due to the nutrient availability in bio-organic fertilizers and up taken by plants.

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