Auto-toxicity of lantana species and parthenium hysterophorus on its own seed germination

Swapnil Mawal

Lantana species and Parthenium hysterophorus is regarded both a notorious weed. Auto- toxicity involves both inhibitory and stimulatory biochemical interactions on its own seeds. Lantana and Parthenium auto- toxic effect studies have been done on its own seed both laboratory and field conditions to determine their auto- toxic potential and its use. We observed that allelochemicals present in various solvents extract like Acetone,Methanol,70%Ethanol,Water Extract, Hexane Extract of a leaf such as alkaloid, flavonoids, terpenoids, triterpenoids present in a this solvent extract ofLantanaand Parthenium inhibited the germination, growth, and metabolism of its own seed germination.Itmay be useful forself-control

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