Changes in physico-chemical characteristics of thirteen local banana cultivars during different ripening stages

Fen Liao., Feng-jin Zheng., Liu Yang., Jian Sun., Chang-bao Li ., Li Li ., Xue-mei He ., Jin-fen Sheng and Jinyan Yao

The purposed of this study is to evaluate and compare physic-chemical content in pulp of thirteen local banana cultivars of Guangxi province, China during five ripening stages (stage I-V) after harvest. All thirteen cultivars showed significant difference (P<0.01) in total sugar content, reducing sugar content, total starch content, pectin substance content, titratable acidity content, pH value and ascorbic acid content during ripening. The results showed that: The sugar content of cultivar B13 “HUANGDIJAO” bananas were 1.2-fold higher than check cultivar B8 “GUIJIAO No.6”.The total starch contents were 1.5-fold higher in cultivar B6 “W12 ”(686.18 mg/g) and B10 “JINFEN No.1”(684 mg/g) than check cultivar B8 “GUIJIAO No.6” at green stage. Vit-C contents were 1.8-fold higher in cultivar B9 “GUANGXIJIJIAO” (22.73 mg/100g) than check B8“GUIJIAO No.6” (12.57%). According to the results of characteristics analyses ,five varieties(B1, B2,B5,B8,B12 and B13) were screen out for processing wine or juice products. Four varieties (B3, B6, B7 and B12) are suitable for extracted starch or processing green banana flour products at stage I. Two varieties (B2, and B5) are identified as promising species for fresh eaten. Two varieties (B1, and B5) are better for processing chips products.

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