Combining ability studies for yield and yield components in selected soybean lines

Tadesse Ghiday, Sentayehu A and Asnake F

In this study, 18 F1 hybrids obtained by crossing six lines (Ethiopia) with three testers (Brazil) in line × tester mating system during 2013/14 and were planted in randomized complete block design with two replications during 2014/15. Among the lines, BELESA 95 proved to be a good general combiner for number of pods per plant, grain yield and pod weight. Majority of the best specific combination for different characters resulted from the crosses among the parents with high x low and low x low GCA effects. Non-additive effects were predominant for number of pods per plant and grain yield, but appreciable additive effects were noted for hundred seed weight, pod weight and primary branches. The breeding method which can exploit non-additive as well as additive types of gene action is suggested for soybean improvement.

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