Effect of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria on plant growth under lead and cadmium stress condition : a step toward sustainable agriculture

Amit Kumar Pal and Chandan Sengupta

The contamination of soil and water by different heavy metals are the burning problem now a days and it is escalating day by day due to excessive industrialization, agricultural applications, various anthropogenic sources, waste disposals etc. Heavy metals like Cadmium and Lead retard the vigor and growth of plants and also produce serious health problems of humans. To avoid the problem caused by Cadmium and Lead can be overcome by using Plant Growth Promoting Rizobacteria (PGPR) which can easily grow under those heavy metal condition. We isolated some Cadmium and lead resistant PGPRs from expected heavy metal contaminated rhizospheric soil. Out of these bacteria two best PGPRs were exploited for plant growth under in vitro Cadmium and Lead polluted condition. The results showed that these two PGPRs enhance the plant growth and vigor under Cadmium and Lead stress condition.

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