Effect of vermicompost on growth parameters of lycopersicum esculentum and npk level of amended soil

Eswaran. N and Mariselvi,S

This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of vermicompost and organic fertilizers on growth, yield parameters of tomato plant as well as NPK levels on control garden soil and vermicompost. Various growth and yield parameters like seed germination, length, plant height, yield/plant, marketable yield/plant, mean leaf number, total plant biomass were recorded. Almost all the growth, yield and quality parameters increased significantly as compared to control, though the increase within the treatments was not found to be significant. The present study suggested that vermicompost is more favorable for vigorous production of tomatoes. The vermicompost can be economically and environmentally suitable and also maintenance of soil environment. Vermicompost is rich in NKP, micronutrients, beneficial soil microbes and also contain ‘plant growth hormones & enzymes’. Similarly, the vermicompost prepared from cow dung had the highest total nitrogen (N) content (275%) phosphorus (12.70 mg/g) and total potassium (11.44 mg/g). Reduced use of ‘water for irrigation’ as application of vermicompost over successive years improved the ‘moisture holding capacity’ of the soil.

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