Effect of vermicompost on meristic developrement and yield parameters in blackgram (vigna mungo)

Sujatha D., Jayarani T.V., Maheswari S and Padmalatha C

Vermicompost has been emerging as an important source in supplementing chemical fertilizer in agriculture. As germination and seedling development are the pioneer steps for crop growth, development and yield, a study on germination indices and seedling quality are indicative of performance of seed throughout the growing period, In the present study attention was focused to evaluate the effect of application of vermicompost on the growth and yield of black gram. Germination, height of plant, number of leaves per plant, length of leaves, width of leaves, number of pods per plant, length of root, number of nodules, above ground, dry mass of plant, yield per plot and number of seeds per pod were compared in different treatments of fertilizers. The present study showed that the seed germination of Vigna mungo was better in vermicompost treatment when compared to other treatment like chemical fertilizers. Vermicompost application showed a better growth and yield when compared to biofertilizers and chemical fertilizers.

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