Expression profile of gonadotropin receptors in antral follicles of tropical goats

Bhuvana Plakkot, Raji Kanakkaparambil and Shynu Mohamed

The study was performed to compare the expression of Follicle Stimulating Hormone Receptor (FSHR) and Luteinizing Hormone receptor (LHR) in different sizes of antral follicles of tropical goats. The study was performed using twelve pairs of ovaries collected from tropical goats which were slaughtered at the proestrus stage at Meat Plant, Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Mannuthy. The isolated follicles were classified into small (1-3 mm) and large (>3 mm) based on the measurements taken using Vernier Caliper. RNA was isolated and cDNA was synthesised using commercially available kits. By quantitative Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (qRT-PCR) the expression studies were performed to quantify FSHR and LHR. β-Actin was used as the internal control. There was a decrease in FSHR gene expression in large follicles to 0.64 fold when compared with the small follicles which was not very significant. However, the expression of LHR showed an increase in fold-change (1.4) from small to large follicles, even though it was not significant.

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