Extraction and application of ecofriendly dye from plant waste

Narayana Swamy V

Natural dyes have attracted increasing worldwide attention because of the carcinogenicity and environmental effects of synthetic dyes. In this study, dye extraction was carried out
Under different operating conditions to isolate dye, from waste leaves of Carea arborea tree. Extracted dye was applied silk fabrics using different mordant to investigate various dyeing characteristics. Color strength, co-ordinates and fastness properties were also evaluated with and without mordanting. The color strength was enhanced with increase in dye absorbance and the mordant used. The best dye-uptake in silk fabrics were obtained when pH 4 and temperature was 95° C for 1 hour. Mordanted samples exhibited excellent color properties. Different colors such as tan, brown, dusky brown and reddish brown could be obtained using various kinds of mordants. Extracted dye was tested for some eco-parameters using AAS and GC/MS. The test results were compared with standards which showed that their concentrations were much below the stipulated limits.

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