On-farm conservation status of traditional rice varieties in the eastern ghats, india

Jayanthi Balakrishnan., Senthil Kumar Thamilarasan and Indra Arulselvi Padikasan

Traditional rice varieties and its related agro-ecosystems in the Eastern Ghats observed to be preserved through the on farm conservation by smallholder farmers of the region. These varieties faced increasing vulnerability, due to monsoon failure, climate change, production cost and resource scarcity. We assessed the current status of traditional rice diversity and on-farm conservation in developed and developing regions of Eastern Ghats through on-farm interviews using semi-structured questionnaires, focused group discussions, and key-informant farmers. Traditional rice cultivation in the developing region based on subsistence agriculture than the livelihood. Negotiation of traditional rice cultivation directly affected the food security of under-developed farmers’ subsistence and further resulted in the cohesion loss of traditional agro-ecosystems in the Eastern Ghats. These conditions led to a decline in richness of traditional rice varieties of developing region compared to diversity in developed zones. Basic infrastructure facility and farmer skill developments were needed in the developing regions of the Eastern Ghats to sustain the traditional rice agrodiversity conservation. Value-addition process for traditional rice varieties could improve the status of the developing farmers and safeguard the existing traditional food security and livelihood in the Eastern Ghats.

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