Food processing methods and their effects on oligosaccharide content of commonly consumed legumes

Aruna. T, Alekhya. G, Deepika. T and Devindra. S

The contents of sucrose, raffinose, stachyose, verbascose, in whole seeds of 14 cultivars of commonly consuming legumes grown in Telangana state were determined. The effects of microwave cooking, pressure cooking and germination on the levels of the raffinose family of sugars of the selected cultivars such as black gram, green gram, bengal gram and red grams were investigated. The percent losses of raffinose, stachyose and verbascose after microwave cooking for 15 min in black gram were 95.45, 25 and 7.01%, for green gram 97.19%, 39.75 and 4.34% for Bengal gram were 100, 84.61 and 100% for red gram 17.64, 14.51 and 45.63% respectively. Pressure cooking the selected legumes for 15 min resulted in a decrease of 100% for raffinose, 89.28% for stachyose and 95.54% for verbascose in black gram, 97.19 for raffinose, 96.38 for stachyose and 98.55% for verbascose in green gram, 100% for raffinose, 91.02% for stachyose and 93.38% for verbascose in Bengal gram and 70.58% for raffinose, 49.19% for stachyose and 89.80% for verbascose in red gram respectively. The percent losses of raffinose, stachyose and verbascose after germination for 24 hrs in black gram were 92.42, 91.07 and 87.26%, for green gram 100%, 97.59 and 86.23% for Bengal gram were 96.82, 100 and 85% for red gram 82.35, 84.67 and 90.77% respectively.

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