Heat stress indices, correlation and regression analysis of wheat genotypes for yield potential

Pronay Bala and Sripati Sikder

This study was conducted to identify heat tolerant genotypes through heat tolerance indices of wheat genotypes in response to heat stress. In this respect eight wheat genotypes viz., Pavon-76, Prodip, BARI Gom-25, BARI Gom-26, BAW-1143, BAW-1146, BAW-1147 and BAW-1148 were used as study materials. Three experiments were conducted during 2011-12 and 2012-13. The experiment, wheat genotypes were evaluated in relation to heat tolerance in field condition by seeding them at November 27 (normal), December 17 (late) and January 7 (very late growing condition) over two successive years. Different heat tolerance indices viz. mean pproductivity (MP), geometric mean productivity (GMP), Heat Tolerance Index (HTI), tolerance (TOL), yield stability index (YSI), relative efficiency index (REI) and heat iintensity index (HII) were evaluated based on grain yield under stress and non-stress conditions. The results showed BAW-1143, BARI Gom-25, BARI Gom-26 and Prodip showed high Heat Tolerance Index (HTI) , Geometric Mean Productivity (GMP) and high Mean Productivity (MP).Canopy temperature , flag leaf proline, seed size and harvest index showed mostly positive and meaningful correlation with yield in both stress and non-stress environments.

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