Heterosis study in sunflower (helianthus annuus l.) through line x tester matting design for yield attributing traits .

Lakshman S.S, Chakrabarty N.R and Kole P.C

Heterosis is the increase or decrease in vigour of F1over its mid or better parental value. One of the objectives of present study was to estimate the extent of heterosis for various characters and to isolate promising hybrids over standard check hybrids for seed yield and oil content for commercial exploitation on basis of SCA study. The development of new high yielding and stable sunflower hybrids based on hybridization which requires information on the heterotic effects for agronomically important traits in the F1 generation. SCA effects for seed yield and it’s attributing traits were studied in the sunflower hybrids developed by the line x tester method. There are significant differences among the sunflower genotypes (inbred lines and F1 hybrids) we tested with regard to the mean values of all the traits involved.
From the experiment it was revealed that the average heterosis of 8.9% for days to 50% flowering, 65.1% for plant height; 80.3% for head diameter;139.8% for seed yield(kg/ha);107.5% for number of filled seed/head; 5.9% for seed filling %; 10.8% for 100 seed weight, 12.1%for 100 seed kernel weight, 6.5% for hull content; 4.7% for volume weight(g/100 cc); 0.1% for oil content (%;) and 140.4% for oil yield (kg/ha) respectively. In all cross, seed and oil yield (kg/ha) traits and other desirable traits, P-2-7-1A, CMS-10 A, P-89-1A, EC-601958, R-104, EC-601978, R-138-2, R-630 and R-6D-1 were involved more frequently.
The studies revealed that, as regards performance per se, the best cross combination for semi-dwarf plant height coupled with good seed yield and high oil content, the superior cross combinations were P-2-7-1A X R-138-2 (66 days to flower, seed yield of 1932kg/ha and oil yield of 678 kg/ha,), P-89-1A X R-12-96(68 days to flower, seed yield of 1818 kg/ha and oil yield of 667 kg/ha), CMS-10A X R-630(66 days to flower, seed yield of 1798 kg/ha and oil yield of 662 kg/ha), P-2-7-1A X R-104(66 days to flower, seed yield of 1752 kg/ha and oil yield of 628 kg/ha) respectively showed significantly positive heterosis for seed yield, oil yield and other some yield attributing traits.

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