Plankton diversity, seasonal variation and population dynamics in river narmada at jabalpur region (m.p.)

Shivani Rai, Arjun Shukla and Bhoopendra Kumar Ahirwar

The river Narmada valley is one of the major hot spot for aqua biodiversity in India. The paper deals with the plankton composition, seasonal variation and diversity indices in river Narmada at Jabalpur region. Plankton diversity is one of the most important ecological parameters in water quality assessment and good indicator of the changes in water quality. Planktons are elemental factor of aquatic community as they are major sources of biologically significant and organic carbon, situated at the base of the food chain. Samples were collected during July 2015 to December 2015 to calculate diversity of Plankton. Total 770 organisms of zooplankton from 23 species and 1206 organism of phytoplankton from 25 species were found in sampling stations. The Shannon’s Index (H) of Zooplankton was -1.208 and for phytoplankton was -1.268 that indicate a good variation. The total biodiversity shows a drastic decrement caused by globalization and human interference in the nature. Present studies examined the potential for algal bio-monitoring across a gradient of agriculturally impacted streams and to conserve the planktons which are declining day by day.

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