Population dynamics of aphis gossypii glover and its natural enemies on gourd plant

JaharLalSaha., Tania Chatterjee and KoyelChakraborty

Aphis gossypii Glover is the common aphid which infests the gourd plant right from its early stage. Present communication reports the population trends of this aphid species on the plant along with their natural enemies, particularly, predators and parasites. Simple correlation coefficient between aphid and abiotic factors like average temperature, relative humidity and rainfall showed negative correlations (r = - 0.4; r = - 0.55; and r = - 0.4 respectively) and between aphid and biotic factors (predators and mummified aphids) showed strong positive correlations (r = 0.89 and r = 079). Maximum percentage of predators and mummified aphid have been recorded as 1.13% and 32.53% respectively. Seven species of predators and two species of parasites were found during the observation period from this aphid colony in gourd plant (Lageneria siceria).

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