Role of cashew nut production contribution – A study in Tamil Nadu

Murugamani P and Ravi G

The present study makes an attempt to analyze the cashew nut production performance and its contribution to the Tamil Nadu Economy. Especially in the production and marketing aspects are creating more employment opportunity to the illiterate peoples as well as backward society. In India more than one million peoples are engaged and they are benefitted directly as well as indirectly. Particularly, in Tamil Nadu state has significant contribution in cashew nut performances at the same time economically they are coming forwarded, Cashew generates employment in the crop production and processing. Employment extends both economic status and social status to women... The area under the crop has increased to over 10 lakh hectares in 2013 -2014 from around 9.8 lakh hectares in 2012- 2013. Imports of raw nuts decreased during 2013-2014 to 7, 58,111tones valued at 4,457.72 cores from 8, 92,365tones valued at Rs 5,331.74 cores. Now India is presently the largest exporter of cashew. Cashew traditionally cultivated in Tamil Nadu for the past two centuries. Cashew occupied an area of 99,168 hectares with a production of 51,667 tonnes and yield 521 kg/ha in Tamil Nadu in the year of 2010 (season and crop Report, 2010). And in Tamil Nadu Cuddalore district and Ariyalur, Pudukottai districts are mainly concentrated areas in cashew nut production and it’s regarding performances. Another part of the cashew Nut is (CNSL) Cashew Nut Shell Liquid; it has great business potentials in the international market.Tamil Nadu contribution has major role in the CNSL context

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