Screening of bio-active components from endophytic fungi found in different parts of salvadora oleoides in madhya pradesh

Ramdeo Saket and Rashmi Arnold

To isolate and identify the endophytic fungi associated with Salvadora oleoides and investigate their seasonal & spatial variation. Along with preliminary phytochemical screening and medicinal values (in vitro antibacterial activity and in vivo hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic activity). S. oleoides is a traditional medicinal plant. It is perceived to be under threat in Indian desert. edicinal plants have been recognized as repository of fungal endophytes with novel metabolites of medicinal importance. Regarding the conservation priorities of this plant, a systematic investigation of its fungal endophytes and their medicinal values must be investigated. These fungal endophytes will serve as an alternate source of novel metabolites of pharmaceutical importance. Endophytes were isolated from plant tissues following protocol of Fisher et. al. (1993) with some minor modifications and identified. Qualitative preliminary phytochemical analyses were performed by following standard methods. In vitro antimicrobial activity of isolated endophytic fungi extracts were done by using Resazurin based microtitre dilution assay and disc diffusion assay. In vivo hypoglycaemic and hypolipidemic activities of endophytic fungi was analysed by using diagnostic kits. For statistical analyses GRAPH PAD PRISM 5.03 and STATISTICA 5 were used.

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