Studies on the effects of different salt concentration on root shoot ratio and dmp of black gram

Kumari Manimuthu Veeral. D., Sangameshwari P and Gokulakannan P

Improvement of crop production systems will require a thorough understanding of basic principles of yield production. This involves the study of the plant processes responsible for the growth, development and production of economic yield by crop plants, focusing on whole plants and plant communities and not individual plant parts, organs, or cells because most of the processes that control yield operate at the whole plant-plant community level. Salinity is the most severe concern to crop production worldwide causing huge losses to cultivated crops. A study was carried out to test the effects of salt on root and shoot ratio and DMP of black gram. It was observed that salt concentrations had negative effect on root /shoot ratio and DMP. Increasing in salt concentration generally caused a progressive retardation and the concentration increased or at higher level, the other parameters were also drastically reduced.

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