A study on the role of e-technology to take over agriculture distress in india

Praveen S Kambar

Farming was the primitive and most basic occupation which man has practiced to earn his livelihood. The modern technology being the most advanced has a key role to play in reforming traditional agriculture practices in India. Farming is essential for life maintenance and it is important for the survival of rural community. Modern technology had the potential to transform agriculture into a better prospect. In the wake of climate change and increasing pressure on land to produce more has led to a fast decrease in the cultivable land. Economies continue to develop and the percentage of the people employed in the agricultural sector is declining. A report proposes that a 1% increase in GDP leads to a .052 decrease in the percentage of people employed in agriculture. But through e-technology productivity in agriculture can be increased and these improvements will boost farmers’ profits, by cutting costs and increasing yields, and also benefit the consumers.
The present paper analyzes the role e-Technology in resolving agriculture distress in the country. The paper makes aware how alternative farming practices apart from traditional farming are the need of the day. The role of startups; their work for solving agricultural distress in India. It also studies the initiatives taken by both the government and private sector in this direction.

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