A survey of insects pest of groundnuts from some farms in gwagwalada

Usman, A.M, Malann, Y.D and Mohammed, H

The investigation of the groundnut pest was conducted on some farms around Gwagwalada area council. During the survey the insect were collected once in a weeks, Mondays 6:00-7:00am when the insect were still weak for a period of five month (June - October). Naphthalene (A.A.F) was use to preserved part of the plant damage by the pest and formalin for the preservation of insect pest before identification. During the investigation the following insect pests were found Termites, Black ant, Crickets, Grasshoppers and Beetles. The common insect pests observed were Grasshopper (40%) followed by Termite (22%), Beetle (14%) and other pest constituted (24%). The highest incidence of insect damage was due to lack of proper control measures.

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