Taxonomy of citrus sinensis (l.) osbeck; the commonest economic citrus crop in kumaun himalaya

Lokesh Dasila and Adhikari R. S

The Himalaya enjoys a remarkable position in the Citrus belt of the world due to its rich wealth of Citrus genetic resources, both wild and cultivated. In addition, the genetic resource spectrum of Indian Citrus includes several primitive cultivars/ land races of some interesting indigenous Citrus fruits such as Kumaun lemons, rough lemons, galgal, madkakri, etc., which sporadically occurs throughout the Kumaun Himalaya. The introduction, cultivation and trade of Citrus fruits in Kumaun have a very remarkable past. Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck (The sweet orange) is one of the most important, commercial and widely known cultivated species in Kumaun. The fruit is locally known as maalta, valued for the preparation of juice and represents the commonest economic Citrus crop.

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