Development of different carrier based bioinoculant consortium and evaluation of their efficacy on sunflower

Sivasakthivelan, P and Stella, D

Inoculation of bioinoculants in crop cultivation plays very important role in sustainable agriculture. It is well known that the carrier based bioinoculants are being very effective that determine the shelf life of the inoculant. Hence the selection of best carrier is very essential for maintaining shelf life of the inoculants during storage and for better field performance. On comparison with the dual inoculant and single inoculant, Microbial Consortium was found to be superior in survival in different carriers analysed. Lignite sustained the highest number of viable cells, followed by Pressmud and vermiculite. A field trail was also conducted to study the efficiency of agriculturally beneficial microbial consortium at graded levels of chemical fertilizers. Agriculturally beneficial microbial consortium was also found to be superior in augmenting the growth and yield of sunflower.