Larvicidal, ovicidal and pupicidal activity of eranthemum roseum (vahl) r. br. against malarial vector mosquito, anopheles stephensi (liston) (diptera: culicidae)

Elumalai, K., Dhanasekaran, S., Anandan, A., Krishnappa, K., Gokulakrishnan, J and Elangovan, A

In the present investigation acetone and methanol extract of Eranthemum roseum leaves were tested for its larvicidal, ovicidal and pupicidal activities against the important malarial vector, Anopheles stephensi. The present experiments were designed and carried out by adapting the standard protocols. Results pertaining to the present investigation clearly revealed that the methanol extract was more prominent than the acetone extract and the results are on par with the control groups. The bioefficacy of E. rosum was due to the existence of several phytochemical groups and this needs further exploration of mosquitocidal compounds by various spectral analyses. The information given in this is the first report on mosquito about its bio efficacies. Thus, it could pave the way for possible utilization of E. roseum as an alternative potential agent in Vector Control Programme.