Studies on gene action and combining ability for yield and other quantitative traits in brinjal (solanum melongena L.)

Thangavel, P

Ten genotypes of brinjal were crossed in a line x tester method of design. This study was showed that estimates of both the combining ability (general and specific combining ability) were significant. The performance of the parents for fruit yield components were highly associated with their general combining ability effects. Non- additive gene action was noticed to be pre- pondering for fruit yield per plant and yield component characters studied. A perusal of the gca effects revealed CDM Local 1, CDM local 2, Annamalai,Palur1 and CO 1 to be a good general combiner for fruit yield per plant. The hybrid CDM Local /SM 16 involving both good combiner parents for fruit yield per plant had recorded maximum positive and significant sca effects for fruit yield and several other component characters. Hence, it is identified as a potential hybrid for commercial exploitation.